Our customer journey mapping helps you to track actual customer behavior based on data, to set up high-quality customer journeys, and to steer decisive customer interactions at the right moment.

Marco Wyler

Director, gateB


Touchpoints are multiplying at an exponential rate. Today's customers decide whether they want to interact with companies via their mobile phone, desktop computer, or in a branch office. And particularly in the digital world, this happens around the clock. In other words, customer behavior has become more complex and diverse and can no longer be mapped in conventional life cycles. In addition, customer expectations have risen. Today, customers no longer simply demand a product, but also an experience. As a result, personalized communication and targeted individual interaction are indispensable.


Customer Journey Mapping analyzes customer behavior at various touchpoints to identify patterns and determine who is using which channel for what purpose. The patterns are then visually displayed so that needs are identified as "moments of truth." From there, you can define micro-journeys around these moments, which are gradually brought together to form an overall experience that is continually optimized by analyzing the reactions. The optimized journeys are mapped on a platform that contains all channels so they can be automated and operationalized without great effort.

Guest lecture (in German) on "Using data along the customer journey" by Marco Wyler, Director gateB, for the CAS Digital Communication Excellence at the University of Applied Sciences Graubünden.

Your added value

By tracking customer behavior on a data basis, you learn the decisive moments in customer relations and can act in an agile and relevant manner. You can set up measures to trigger on the basis of certain defined customer actions — and ensure those measures work around the clock. This gives the customer the feeling that your brand is always there for them. And it helps you build a meaningful customer experience through content tailored to each individual customer. This way, you create happier, more committed, and more loyal customers, which not only generates higher sales but also increases brand presence and value.

Factsheet: Customer Journey Mapping

Factsheet: Customer Journey Mapping

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