Data consulting & analytics: building a successful strategy based on the right conclusions

We help you aggregate and analyze your data in order to gain actionable insights and support you in making the right decisions for your company.

  • We segment and cluster your customers based on behavioral data and ensure targeted interactions.
  • We use data analysis to generate high-quality leads, develop cross-sell and up-sell potential and increase customer loyalty.
  • We help you visualize your customer journeys, orchestrate the appropriate measures and play out content in a targeted manner.
  • We help you consolidate the various data pools to a common denominator and generate added value for your customer.
  • We support you in the definition and measurement of KPIs in order to evaluate your activities and make data-based decisions.
  • We analyze your marketing spend and your ROI results for an optimal use of your budgets.

Team support and interdisciplinary collaboration on site

Do you need additional resources or are you short of skills to build up your own data competence or implement a data-driven marketing approach? We can support you. We provide the necessary skills, best practices, and modern martech to transform your marketing and business operations.

We help you choose the right technologies

Forrester predicts that 69% of European marketers will increase their martech spend in the next year. Is your martech budget going to the right places?

Consultancy and evaluation of technologies

We analyze your solution architecture as well as existing processes and structures and help you identify your requirements for new solutions. On request, we also run your RFP process and evaluate software solutions.

We are constantly scanning the market to find the best possible solutions for our customers in every area of enterprise software. Our aim is to provide solutions that can be integrated into the existing technology stack, are scalable, can meet individual needs and are easy-to-use.

Transforming relevant business processes

Our experts in solution consulting and architecture design help you define your stack and operating model. They know which solutions should be used for which requirements, how to best integrate and connect different systems so that they play nicely together and avoid data silos and duplication of work.

Our experience helps you succeed

For many years, we have been advising leading national and international companies in the transformation of their marketing and sales operations. Our data scientists, solution architects and consultants have many years of experience in analyzing systems, processes & data. They know the pain points as well as the potentials for improvement. Benefit from our broad knowledge in the field of marketing technologies and data intelligence.