A Digital Marketing Dashboard gives marketers a simple and transparent overview of marketing KPIs and campaign performance across all online and offline channels - intuitively and at a glance.

Robert Schumacher

Director, gateB


Digitization opens up many new communication channels and interaction possibilities with customers. These must be continuously measured in terms of their performance. Over the course of time, some companies have accumulated a multitude of different reports, dashboards and monitoring tools that can hardly be surveyed and compared. Other companies have no transparency at all with regard to digital measurability. In both cases, an intuitive reporting solution is required that is easy for marketers to use and compares the current status and projected performance of campaigns at a glance.


With the Digital Marketing Dashboard gateB provides you with easy access to your marketing performance data. Because marketing activities can only be optimized if the results can also be visualized and thus interpreted. The Digital Marketing Dashboard is a web-based application that is also ideally suited for mobile devices. Depending on the key performance indicators, suitable visualizations are selected, aggregations are created, and comparisons are made over time - all according to your needs.

Your added value

The Digital Marketing Dashboard supports marketing managers in the presentation of their KPIs from all online and offline channels and communication measures. The transparent presentation of the marketing results allows successful and less successful measures to be identified immediately. In the future, you will know where you should allocate your marketing budget to achieve maximum impact.