We implement high-performance online solutions for your reporting that go beyond the automated production of financial publications.

Olaf Gijseman

CEO, gateB


Today's financial reporting needs to be available online 24 hours a day for all target groups, always in compliance with deadlines and stock exchange regulations. These are just some of the requirements, though. Other necessities include data security and secure user rights in order to properly produce these highly sensitive, time-critical publications.

The digitalization of financial reporting goes much further, too. Today, it requires an examination of topics such as social listening, stakeholder engagement, and cross-channel reporting. 


For more than ten years, gateB has been producing multilingual, highly complex, cross-media annual reports and other publications (e.g. in connection with IPOs, mergers) for listed and non-listed enterprises. We not only specialize in automating the financial reporting, but also in consulting on, creating, and producing the printed and digital publications.

With the use of state-of-the-art technologies and publishing systems, all target groups (marketing, financial department, internal and external editors, translators, legal department) can work efficiently within clearly defined workflows. As specialists, we know about the importance of keeping deadlines and complying with regulations.

We have developed our modern publishing systems into a Financial Reporting Hub.  You can create, manage, and publish your financial information (print, online, PDF) via a single platform without media discontinuity. With this tool, you can control personalized communication with your stakeholders and analyze the response and engagement with your reporting, too. Everything is system-supported and secure, thanks to the integration of best-of-breed software solutions.  

Your added value

We optimize your communication processes from the creation to the publishing of your reports on all channels. With our content management system, you avoid media breaks in digital and printed media — and anywhere else you showcase content (e.g., PowerPoint presentations). The system keeps all people involved in the project (internal as well as external) focused on upcoming tasks and in compliance with corporate design guidelines.

Additionally, we provide you with integrated social listening so that you can track, analyze, and actively respond to online conversations about your reporting. Our solution can also be used to personalize financial communication with stakeholders to increase commitment, too. 

Simply outsource your responsibility for data security and system availability to us. We'll handle it so you can concentrate fully on the content of your reporting. 

Guide: Automate the processes that relieve your team

Guide: Automate the processes that relieve your team

Learn more about how an intelligent content management system can support you in all your communication efforts.

Learn more about how an intelligent content management system can support you in all your communication efforts.