Simplify content creation and put format-neutral content at disposal for all channels

The increasing complexity in content creation and distribution forces companies to rethink their content systems and automate relevant processes. This calls for web-based solutions that not only simplify content creation, but also support review & approval processes and distribution to the many different channels.


As today's surge of content continues, the efficient creation of high-quality, targeted content becomes ever more important. From websites and social media to digital newsletters and print advertisements, today's diverse formats present an additional challenge.


Our content hub solution allows you to manage content in a central platform. From content for your marketing, sales and financial publications, to website and newsletter articles, to customer magazines or annual reports: A content hub is at the same time the control center and warehouse for all relevant content and related assets. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the relevant content can be centrally created, edited, translated and published in the right format to the respective channels.

Our content management solution enables central management and distribution of content - regardless of channel, touchpoint, language or customer expectations

With a content hub, many communication processes are simplified. All types of content are managed in a central system and relevant content processes are automated.

Uli Meier

Director, gateB

Your added value

By centralizing creation and management of content, our content hub supports consistent and compliant messaging across all channels. Once content is created, it’s automatically adapted to your various channels. This means enormous gains in efficiency. Communication with your target market is faster, more direct, and customer experience is enhanced.

Guide: More efficiency in marketing

Guide: More efficiency in marketing

There are marketing processes that companies should automate. The creation of content and communication material is one of them. Learn more about how a web-based portal for content management leads to more efficiency in marketing.

Learn more about how a web-based portal for content management leads to more efficiency in marketing.