Using artificial intelligence in your customer journey

With the use of artificial intelligence, your customers get the most relevant — i.e., the most promising — product recommendations in real time on your websites, in your online shops, and via your emails.


Marketing professionals need to continually refine their customer approach, ensuring it's relevant to their customers' specific needs. This also means predicting the customer's taste and providing him or her with suitable content at the right moment. Content that really interests and appeals to the customer drives an increase in both sales and customer satisfaction.


With a simple plug-in, self-learning algorithms automatically offer the right products at the right time. And this powerful tool works on all channels, from your email to your website and your online shop. It works by constantly combining product information with customer behavior. As it does, you can keep track of which offers are shown at all times. You have a comprehensive selection of pre-installed algorithms at your disposal, easily configurable according to your own business logic. So you don't have to rethink everything but, instead, can easily integrate AI into your existing channels.

We not only take care of the technical implementation of this out-of-the-box intelligence for you, but we also define the customer journey with you and offer you additional analytical services.

AI proves its worth: 11 times more visitors return after 24 hours and the number of visitors creating a shopping cart is quadrupled.

Marco Wyler

Director, gateB

Your added value

Are you ready to make your first concrete and measurable experiences with AI and consciously use artificial intelligence in your customer journeys? Doing so improves the customer experience and increases your conversion rate. And if you want to use AI in other areas, we can show you the many ways to leverage this tool.

The added value of using AI can be measured: the number of visitors who, for example, revisit an online shop or a website increases tenfold. More than three times as many product pages are called up when AI-based recommendations are played out. And almost four times as many visitors create a shopping cart.

Guide: Getting smarter faster

Guide: Getting smarter faster

Learn more on how to optimize the Customer Journey with Machine Learning.

Learn more on how to optimize the Customer Journey with Machine Learning.